Some of the Campaign Areas and Heroes were developed at the beginning of the Necromancer’s Legacy journey 3,5 Years ago. We felt they need overhaul and therefore decided it is time to redo them. 

Each players main menu, the Castle has been completely reworked, plus new buttons added for easier navigation. Crypt, Haunted Town and Dead Forest campaign screens have been changed alongside with some of the Battle Stages.

Multiple Heroes and their spells where remodeled including Skeletal Priest, Mage and Warrior. Feel free to read more, in our Developer Notes Section.


The long awaited big patch is finally here. VM Gaming is proud to present the Ancient Temple Dungeon as its newest addition to the game.

According to your feedback, and we also felt the same way, there was a big gap between Mid-Game and End-Game content. The new Dungeon is exactly that, fullfiling the needed role to prepare all Players for the final Raid – Beholder Lair.

But this patch is not only about 1 Dungeon, but also many improvements. The biggest one is the smooth game start for all the new players and a Daily Calendar with awesome rewards, like rare, epic and even Set Items. Day 5 is an epic Undead Warrior that synergies well with other Undeads. Players only need to log in to collect them.

5 New Heroes have been introduction, including a Special Pack to buy the most powerful 3 of them including a epic Dragon, that can be upgraded to a Legendary Hero. This special offer is unique and one-time only.

There are many improvements and quality of life changes, like a reworked Heroes and Campaign Areas. Feel free to read the specifics, in our Developer Notes Section.

Ancient Temple Fight

We are listening constantly to our Players feedback and are also aware of few key game components, that we would like to implement in 2019.

The main Players concern was to bring more content into the game. Starting 2019, we are working on new Dungeon with Undead theme, introducing new race of Dragons as final Boss. Additionally 2 Campain areas will arrive in the Northern section of the map, which will further enhance the story leading to the mighty Necromancer.

We will also introduce new main stat called Penetration, that will counter Resistance, that has no natural one at this stage.

Tavern is also one of the ideas we have for 2019, where players can do some bounty hunting jobs together with few mini games (card or board games).

Last but not least are 2 main long term concerns we planned to be finished at release – In-Game Chat and Multiplayer. Because of the enorm programming and implementation effort, this is something that takes us a lot of time. As we are only 2 Developers, we need to cooperate with other companies and coders.

So be ready for an exciting year of 2019 and don’t forget to share your ideas and feedback in the FORUM section.


New and exciting times are ahead for Necromancer’s Legacy Players. After almost half a year, we have finally finished the End-Game content. We are thrilled to present you the Beholder Lair update, with the first Legendary Weapon. It abilities can be used directly in combat which makes it very unique and powerful among all other items.

We have also introduced a new Campaign Area called Harpy Nests. This area further extends the NL Universe and with new Arena Bosses, it serves as a backbone to grind and even have a chance to fight in the Beholder Lair RAID Dungeon with up to 8 Heroes. Feel free to explore and join the fight against the mighty Necromancer.

Beholder Lair RAID Fight
Harpy Nests

We are aware of the very high hardware demands of Necromancer’s Legacy. To have as many players as possible be able enjoy our game and have the full Old-School Necromancer experience, we have decided to optimize several in-game textures and rework the most demanding parts of the Journey.

According to our Beta Testers and our loyal players, Dead Forest is the most challenging part. Feel free to have a exclusive preview of the reworked and optimized Dead Forest from the Beta Environment of the game.

Dead Forest Preview
Dead Forest Preview

Necromancer’s Legacy has grown bigger. With recently released content patch including Lost Oasis as our new playable campaign zone. Unique loot has been added along with the new boss Azath, who is also playable in game with a bit of luck using the Kings Recruit Badge.

The game is now smoother to play than ever with the new accelerated time and reworked Autoplay feature. There has also been a lot of performance improvements across the whole game. For more details please feel free to check the Developer Notes section.

Azath, the ruler of Lost Oasis

Necromancer’s Legacy is now live on Apple AppStore. Same as on Android, we are free to play and without any Advertisement.

Feel free to download and rate our Turn-Based fantasy RPG with Old-School Elements and advanced Graphics. Do not forget to tell your friends and spread the word.

Walder, the Fallen Knight in front of his Crypt

After almost a month of extensive Beta Testing, we are proud to announce, that Necromancer’s Legacy is now live in Google Play Store. Also as promised we are still Free-to-Play and without any advertisement.

Feel free to download and rate our Turn-Based fantasy RPG with Old-School Elements and advanced Graphics. Do not forget to tell your friends and spread the word.

High Cleric, healing her Allies in Battle

Tournament Ground is entering the final stage of development. Here are the latest screenshots from the TG Menu, the Shop and Duel Pit Menus. There will be some high end rewards awaiting each player, like Gold Generating items and some end game sets. In order to challenge the enemies in Arena, we have introduced a new currency named Arena Token. Feel free to check the interface and browse the pictures.

Tournament Ground Menu
Arena Shop
Duel Pit Enemies
Duel Pit Reward Screen

We want players to challenge stronger enemies as they progress in the game. To achieve that, we have introduced Arena Rating. Defeating a tougher Duel Pit Fighter will grant each player Rating Points. After achieving certain Rating, players will be able to buy unique items.

Duel Pit - Actual Battle

You can find more in-game Screenshots and Artistic Pictures on our Facebook!