Necromancer’s Legacy is a Free-to-Play mobile fantasy RPG where you will take control over a group of hand crafted Heroes, that will fight for you against the evil forces of the mighty Necromancer. It is a true adaptation of Turn-Based game with old-school Elements. Each hero has its own Class and will fulfill a unique role on the Battlefield.

Aside of the main Campaign you will spend time in Castle, recruiting new Heroes to fight for you. Also buying Items, like Weapons or Armor, to make them even more powerful. 

It wasn’t long ago, when the dark and misty shadows came out of nowhere and embraced the sunny lands of THARAMOS KINGDOM.

Shortly after the King died in a great battle far away by the Northern mountains, empowered by greed, he left his own Kingdom defenseless. Gossip quickly arrived among every citizen, the cruel and corrupt Lord that takes land by land and shapes it to his twisted will. Torturing every living entity, cursing them into undead, foul creatures bound to his power. Necromancer, they call him. 

Nobody would believe, that I once stood by his side as his apprentice. He was a powerful and fairly-minded sorcerer, before a mysterious object poisoned his mind. He called it a PORTAL BETWEEN WORLDS, where past happened and distant dreams will become true.

Forged by the ancient god whose name was long forgotten. Though a far greater power was needed to properly use this object. Therefore he siphons every piece of living nature, soon becoming unstoppable.

Chaos reigned over all the lands. Nobody ventured outside the city gates during day or night. People started to run far away in hope for a better future. But shadows couldn’t be stopped by anything. However, in darkness lies hidden light…

A group of dedicated warriors, heroes to me, that do not fear his monsters nor his power. They seek a strong leader, ruler of Tharamos Kingdom, to lead them into the corrupted lands and cleanse them from the dark powers. Someone who can stand against this tyranny, mastered the powerful arts of magic and combat, who will protect these people and defend cities from raiders.

They become stronger and furious day by day, fueled by their hatred and will of their master. Now is the time, to stand up against the evil, reclaim our homeland and fight off the shadows back to the underworld!

Will you lead us in this tough advanture, or scatter away?