Developer Notes

Patch 2.3.1 (Android), 1.1.9. (iOS) 10.11.2019 Game Redesign Patch

General Changes:

  • several campaign areas have been redesigned including Crypt, Haunted Town and Dead Forest

  • Castle main screen has been reworked to contain more functions, while being more intuitive, nicer looking and less demanding

  • multiple Heroes and their spells where completely remodeled including Skeletal Priest, Mage and Warrior

  • Hero currently performing an ability has a yellow ring beneath him to highlight hes turn, making it more visible especially in Autoplay combat mode

  • icon and HP bars size have been reduced for Castle Screen and Combat icons

  • Army Screen status values are more visible now with flashing preview bar

  • Skeletal Priest death animation and Holy Touch ability redesign

  • Lich Void Bolt ability has been redesigned

  • Game size further reduced

Patch 2.0.2 (Android), 1.1.4. (iOS) 27.04.2019 Ancient Temple Patch

General Changes:

  • New Dungeon added called ANCIENT TEMPLE with 3 difficulties for level 20, 30 a 40 Players

  • 5 New Heroes Added (Undead Package) Including Ancient Verim- Common Rogue; Fallen Pegasus – Magic Beast Dominator; Abolisher – Undead Mage; Forsaken Lord – Rare Undead Warrior and Shadow Dragon an epic Mage that can be upgraded to a Legendary Hero called Noxtur

  • Experience has been enhanced for new player – Game will guide a new player thru several stages of Battles automatically

  • Crypt Entrance, Army Screen and starting Hero Tharamos Warrior have been reworked and improved

  • Daily Reward Calendar has been added to increase the rewards for Players for their effort and loyalty. It includes rare, epic and set items in addition to an epic undead Hero Walder, that synergies greatly with new Undead Heroes

  • Exclamation Marks have been added to multiple parts of the game, to point players to unfinished Daily Quests or new Campaign Areas

  • Powerful Items habe been added to starting Heroes, to make the game feel more smooth for new Players

  • New UNDEAD SPECIAL PACK has been added to the Special Shop, with a unique  and very limited ability to buy Epic Heroes. In Addition buying a special pack will grant and additional one on first Purchase

  • New powerful craftable legendary Item has been added called DRAGON CRYSTAL, that is unique to the Ancient Temple dungeon

  • The need to log or register into the game has been removed. New Players will automatically start their Necromancer Journey, without any interruption

  • Rewards for first time Boss kills in Campaign Areas have been greatly improved

  • Item level requirements have been entirely removed. Each Hero can now equip each item, no matter the level

  • Game has been adjusted to wider screen resolution ratios including 19:9 and 20:9

  • Fixed an issue with Daily Quests, where the Quests were not reset properly on the next day

  • Activity and Experience Boosters have been added, to make leveling and reaching end game easier

Patch 1.8.9 (Android), 1.1.0. (iOS) 20.11.2018

General Changes:

  • Live End-Game Tutorial with Legendary Heroes has been added for new Players to enrich the experience

  • After defeat in battle, all Players have now the option to revive with full HP and continue for a small fee

  • Several spawn points and lightning in game has been adjusted

  • Fixed Divine Essence in Marketplace to be properly purchasable

Note: Due to Technical and Programming reasons, Divine Essence has been reset in game to allow the currency to be purchasable and needs to be gathered again for players that had it in their possession 

  • All in-game Items tooltips has been reworked and corrected

  • Plus Icons has been added in the Currency Bar to buy key resources more easily

  • Legendary Hero Liu Shan ability Shan Qi, damage has been reduced by 30% and targeting has been improved

  • Items that are equipped now have their tooltip displayed

  • Frostmantlet and Masters Sabers items now have their tooltip fixed

  • Monster info UI colliding with the Questbook on iOS has been fixed

Patch 1.8.6 (Android), 1.0.7. (iOS) DESERT SANDS  03.10.2018

General Changes:

  • Optimized Elemental Abyss, Duel Pit and Death Ring

  • Resist notification for Debuffs and Level indication for Player Battle Party

  • New Heroes “Desert Harpy” and epic one “Tharamos Commander”

  • New Raid Dungeon – Beholder Lair allows players to battle with 8 battle party members against 1 or multiple massive bosses (contains different strategies, so player will need to utilize his party to conquer all of them)

  • 2-piece Sets are now available, they bring more flexibility and tactics into the game

  • New campaign Harpy Nests has been introduced further revealing the NL Story

  • Duel Pit has been expanded with more enemy fighters up to level 40

  • New Contest in Duel Pit is be available for players

  • Legendary Weapon “Peacekeeper, Oath of Mercy” is now obtainable through crafting and Legendary Weapon parts

  • Archangel Screen in Premium shop changed. Now contains button Epic Heroes, where you can check the most powerful ones in NL

  • ‘Skip’ button has been removed from the game. Characters, that are stunned or incapacitated will now skip their turn automatically

  • Battle menu has been reworked

  • After finishing Harpy Nests campaign, Daily Quests will be random every day, marked with Exclamation marks

  • Marketplace contains new items, that will advance with Player’s level

  • Level 40 Heroes that will be upgraded, will have level 20 instead of 1. Doesn’t apply for Premium boost

  • Experience boost from Death Ring items is now set to 100% up from 5% for each individual item

  • In Battle Party preparation screen, you can now double-click on enemy icons to display information about enemy

  • We implemented Login Screen, where users can now Register or Play as Guest. Registering an account will now safely store save game progress on our sever. Play as Guest will not require any registration, but will store the data only for your specific device and cannot be retrieved!

  • Register Button is available for Guest Account players, to begin safely storing the data on our servers and allowing the ability to play from different devices

  • Implemented FAQ under you in-game nickname in Castle, that contains all important information players want to know

Patch 1.7.6 (Android), 1.0.3. (iOS) DESERT SANDS  14.04.2018

General Changes:

  • Dead Forest, Haunted Town and Walder’s Crypt are re-worked and more optimized for older Android phoness

  • During the Combat Preparation, additional enemy level information has been added

  • Premium Boost now contains information that it will reset the character’s level back to 1

  • Walder’s Unholy Light ability now properly works when the target is already selected

  • Player’s Title in Tutorial has been changed to suit both Male and Female players

  • Grim Swamp Set reduced up to maximum 3 stacks (down from 5) and the stacks are no longer applied on dead targets

  • Equipment screen is reworked to show Player’s team and Name + Level of each character and now contains Drag and Drop function, you can equip or un-equip any item by dragging it from or into the Inventory or the slot

  • Divine Essence from Elemental Abyss has now reduced drop chance for better game balance


Patch 1.7.1 (Android), 1.0.3. (iOS) DESERT SANDS  27.02.2018

General Changes:

  • Optimized performance in Dead Forest, Elemental Abyss and Haunted Town stages

  • Haunted Town Stages 2-4 have been slightly nerfed

  • NEW! Campaign Desert Oasis added to World Map

  • NEW! 2 Characters: (Magical)Ritual Monk, (Rare)Sand Warlock

  • NEW! Special Pack Offers that appear randomly during gameplay

  • NEW! Daily Quest, Achievements for Desert Oasis and Premium Shop

  • NEW! Loot with various Items created for Desert Oasis

  • Desinfestation Quest – lowered from 35 Creatures to 20

  • Centaur Lord and Ravarons Lance Charge damage has been reduced by 40%

  • Centaur Lord and Ravarons Fist of Cavalry damage has been increased by 20%

Combat Changes:

  • Archangel and Spider Queen size slightly reduced to fit on the battlefield

  • Archangel and Dynasty Warrior characters now have own AI

  • NEW! Automatic Combat button that can be turned on/off according to player’s needs

  • NEW! Combat Speed button, that switches between Standard and Double speed to make battles more swift

Release Version Patch: 1.6.5 [ver. 165] 20.01.2018
  • Experience Bars now appear more smoothly and quickly after battle

  • Premium Boost is now be available to all Players

Note: Players can instantly upgrade a Hero to a stronger version with more spells and power without the need of any additional resources or leveling. 

Release Version Patch: 1.6.1 [ver. 161] 06.01.2018
  • Fixed and adjusted Rewards in Duel Pit – Tournament Ground Mode

  • Premium Boost should now be available to all Players

  • Adjusted colliders in Premium shop, so that all articles are more easy to use
Release Version Patch: 1.5 [ver. 15] 04.01.2018
  • Reworked Elemental Abyss entrance process. Dungeon is now fully accessible

  • Army screen cloud sync has been adjusted and updated

  • Army screen should now no longer glitch after Hero Upgrade
Release Version Patch: 1.4 [ver. 14] 30.12.2017
  • Fixed Monster Screen – Ability Information visual bug

  • Adjusted and redone Army Screen – Ability Information User Interface

  • Removed the Unity Troubleshooting UI
Release Version Patch: 1.2 [ver. 12] 27.12.2017
  • First Release version

  • Fixed the resolution in the Story Scenes

Beta Version Patch: 1.1 [ver. 11] 25.12.2017
  • Offline Activity refill should be fixed

  • Daily Quests now resets daily as intended

  • Duel Pit Fighter “Harun” will now be beatable in the Duel Pit Section II

  • Elemental Abyss is now “unlocking” logically and the enemies difficulty has been raised slightly in Frozen Chamber, Grim Swamp and Storm Plains to achieve better late game challenge

  • Archangel buy button has been fixed

  • Rewards in Duel Pit have been reworked

  • Dueling Knife Item item information tab reworked

  • Throne room “Carpet Glitch” has been fixed

  • Army Screen “frozen” bug has been fixed and the cancel screen button should now work properly

  • Hard Mode in Crypt playable

  • Werewolfs level in Dead Forest hard fixed (from 10 to 25)

  • Werewolf and Werewolf Alpha primary ability “Claw Leap” damage has been reduced by 10%

Beta Version Patch: 1.0 [ver. 10] 23.12.2017
  • Offline Activity refill should be fixed

  • Gold Icon is now sharper and more visible

  • Illumination of Haunted Town stage 3 has been increased

  • Added drop info in Dead Forest Scene

  • The game will now automatically load the last save game progress instead of loading Main Menu

  • Archangel is now obtainable for Gems (cost 10 Gems in Beta Version for the Testers only).

Note: cost 10 Gems in Beta Version for the Testers only

  • Removed the white glow graphic distortion in Haunted Town screen

  • Throne room “Carpet Glitch” has been fixed

  • Removed the pink distortion on Archangels body armor on iOS

  • Cloud saving on Android should be fixed

Beta Version Patch: 0.9 [ver. 9] 17.12.2017
  • The closing “X” button is no longer freezing the game in Army Screen

  • Arena Battle tutorial should no longer stay in an infinite loop

  • Activity will now correctly refill itself, even the Player is off-line

  • Daily Quests will now reset on “daily” basis

  • In App Purchasing has been fixed and adjusted

  • New Feature called “Premium Boost” has been added in the Army Screen > Upgrade function

Note: Enables the Player to purchase Hero Upgrade regardless of level or Standard Resources requirements. Cost is set to 200 Gems at the moment (suggested by “Blazej”)

  • Loot Info has been added into Crypt and Haunted Town instance screens