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[Sticky] *IMPORTANT PLEASE READ* Login and Registration / Accounts and Purchased Items FAQ  

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Dear Necromancers,

we have finally implemented our own Logging and Registration system which will bring a lot of benefits in to the game. It allows us to create in-game events, reward players with some special goodies and allow us to work as hard as we can on multiplayer and chat features.

But, most importantly, it will store your precious savegame files on our server, that allows to access your game from any device (Android and iOS) and continue the Necromancer's Legacy journey safely without the concern to ever loose the hardly earned Heroes, Items and game progress. We know how annoying a registration can be, therefore we kept it as simple as it possibly can be. Only username and email address are needed and there is no follow up, after this is done, all Players are free to play as much as they can.

*Note: Of course there is an option to skip the registration completely and just try the game with so called "Guest Account". Playing as Guest will not require any registration, but will store the data only for your specific device and cannot be retrieved in case you loose your mobile device, or any bad thing happens to it. Register Account Button will be now available in the game (Castle) to mutate a Guest Account into a Registered one, so everybody can freely try the game out and register at anytime during the game as seen fit.

Unfortunately this changes to the game are so significant, that every player needs to start from the beginning. We were thinking about this situation a lot and tried many different tactics to prevent it and came to the conclusion, that this is the only way to safely transfer to the new system.

Here is a quick FAQ about this topic:

Q: Do I need to register now to start the game?

A: No, each player is given the possibility to start as a Guest, please read the "Guest Account" section on the top of the topic.

Q: What happens with my game progress after I update to the new game version 1.8.5?

A: It will not be used anymore and all players need to start a fresh new game.

Q: I have bought special packs and gems for real money, are they lost now?

A: No. Please register yourself in-game with a new account, with valid email address and send us an email (from the same email address) to with following information:

  • product purchased (gems, special packs etc...)
  • date and time of the purchase
  • purchase ID
  • city from which the transaction has been done (optional)

We will provide you with the items purchased, plus for your patience and loyalty, we will give you a great surprise, that will make your game more exciting as ever.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments about the new login system here.

Thank you very much,

Your Necromancer's Legacy team - SaVe and Machal

Posted : 03/10/2018 12:09 pm